Principal's Message

Children are the future of the Nation.  The School is the first temple to educate them and prepare them for their future.

                 To expose their inborn talents and to develop their all round development KVS has prescribed curricular and co-curricular activities in its Vidyalaya’s spread all over India.

                 KV, CRPF, Bangrasia has been appeared in the KVS map on 16th August 2010.  The School has only one section for each class (IV to IX).  KVS provided us all staff and infra-structure facility. 

                We assure you all that we’ll try our best to bring all these buddies upto the level of the KVS parameter and enable them to fulfill their future achievements ‘Nothing is impossible “ The goals are clear.  Efforts are required to reach the destination

          The goal is far ahead, hit the highest peak.


Potential is inherent,

We just need to seek




                                                                              Smt. Ruchi Verma,